Summer Internship Opportunities


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Colleges look at a large pool of applicants, and there is almost nothing better to stand out from the rest than with an internship.

Colleges look at a large pool of applicants, and there is almost nothing better to help one stand out than an internship. Though internships are often unpaid positions, one can gain real experience in a field one desires to explore in college. Here are four STEM, politics, business, and counseling internship opportunities. However, one should also explore internship possibilities independently, so we have provided some websites to look for options.

First is a STEM-related (science, technology, engineering, and math) opportunity at NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), a highly-respected government research facility in Gaithersburg. The SHIP (Summer High School Intern Program) allows motivated students to apply for internship positions in various laboratories around the NIST campus, where they will lead independent research and present findings at the end of the summer. Interns at NIST can show colleges that they are serious about pursuing the sciences as a career. Please go to to learn more. This internship is available annually and will be an excellent opportunity for students next year.

If you’re interested in politics, apply for an internship at the United States Senate under Senator Todd Young. Interns will assist Senator Young in various tasks while learning about the inner workings of the legislative branch of our government. There are four different six-week sessions from which to choose. Visit to find out more about this prestigious opportunity. An internship at such an important institution will surely impress colleges accepting applicants.

Students can also apply for internships at Morgan Stanley, an investment and financial services company. Interns will assist in sales, manage financial data, and perform market research. Anyone looking to follow a business path could do much worse than this for an internship, as Morgan Stanley is a large corporation with a good reputation. Go to

Those interested in psychology, mental health, and counseling might want to investigate the year-round internship opportunities that Friends In Transition, a counseling service in Bethesda, offers. Interns will assist in mental health treatment for clinical, school-related, or familial issues. Go to to learn more.

You should do your own research into possible internships, especially if a different discipline appeals. For example, you can look for other internships at SimplyHired, Indeed, Glassdoor, and other websites.

One should be prepared to complete an online application, and there might also be an in-person or online interview. It’s essential to show why you are the most capable of holding the internship position, so reference all academic achievements and other feats. Internships usually function like paid jobs, with similar work hours and other expectations. For example, having an internship in a field, you’re interested in will show college acceptance officers that you are serious about getting an excellent education to enter that field.