Should We Use Social Media?


dole777 taken from Unsplash

Phone with the three social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter installed.

Modern social media has totally changed the world over the last fifteen years. Some people think it to be a useful tool, but others think it to be harmful and that there are better ways to connect online.

On the one hand, social media makes it easier for people to communicate even when they are far away. Family and friends can keep in touch over far distances. Students and the youth can show off their skills and talents when they might otherwise not be noticed. People can also receive more perspectives about world news, and they can apply to a wider selection of jobs.

However, social media creates a pressure for its users to continually post about their activities. It’s harder for users to simply enjoy their lives. Social media also creates envy and low self-esteem for youth who don’t look as good or have as good a life as other people on social media (even if these people are simply hiding their negative qualities). Cyberbullying, anxiety, and depression can thrive. Also, people don’t spend as much time together in person, which could lead to less genuine friendship.

If you use social media heavily and want to see what life would be like without it, there are many options to still be able to communicate, without the harmful effects of social media. You can still contact your friends with texts, Discord messages, phone calls, email, or other ways. If you step away from social media and break habitual use of it, you’ll find yourself aiming to spend more in-person time with your friends. There will be no pressure to constantly present a “perfect life” or post about all your activities. Depending on who you are, you might even have more fun.