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The Talon

  • March 25April 11 – 14: Band and Chorus Members in Chicago for Music Competition. Break a leg!!!
  • March 25Wednesday, March 27 - GC Students Leave for Italy...CIAO!
  • March 25Easter Break: March 28 - April 7 ENJOY!!!
The Student News Site of Our Lady of Good Counsel High School

The Talon

The Student News Site of Our Lady of Good Counsel High School

The Talon

2023-2024 Staff

Maggie Friel 26
Co-Executive Editor

Maggie Friel ’26

Hi, I’m Maggie Friel! I’m in the class of 2026.

Idera Laifa 24
Co-Executive Editor

Idera Laifa ’24

Hello my name is Idera Laifa, I am in the Class of 2024. I’m a staff writer and the Co-Section Editor of Perspectives. I like writing in the perspective section to discuss topics going on in society and at school.

Lilyana Laryea 24
Section Editor, News

Lilyana Laryea ’24

My name is Lily Laryea, I’m class of 24 and I'm an editor. I play soccer and love to read!

Evan Nicholas 25
Co-Section Editor, Arts & Entertainment

Evan Nicholas ’25

Hello my name is Evan Nicholas and I am the co-section editor for Arts and Entertainment! I love writing and being able to display things I’m passionate about.

Sarah Gandluri 24
Co-Section Editor, Arts & Entertainment

Sarah Gandluri ’24

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah Gandluri and I am a junior this year. I am so excited to be an editor on the Talon this year!

Rachel Shrestha 24
Co-Section Editor, Perspectives

Rachel Shrestha ’24

My name is Rachel Shrestha and I am a junior. I am on the majorettes team and this is my second year with the Talon! This year, I am one of the Perspectives editors.

Evan Brown 25
Co-Section Editor, Photography

Evan Brown ’25

Justin Saenz 26
Staff Writer

Justin Saenz ’26

Hey I’m Justin. I am a sophomore. I like to play soccer, basketball, and video games. I am a part of the GC Soccer program and I co-founded the DECA Club. I joined The Talon because I love to write about and watch sports. ...

Zimka Aghazu 26
Staff Writer

Zimka Aghazu ’26

My name is Zimchikachim Aghazu, but I go by Zimka. I am a sophomore, and am completely new to The Talon. I’m really excited to be working with everyone!

Olivia Baskin 26
Staff Writer

Olivia Baskin ’26

Hi! My name is Olivia Baskin. I’m a sophomore and I  love to being a part of the photo journalism or writing section of the Talon.

Anna-Lucia Clark 26
Staff Writer

Anna-Lucia Clark ’26

Hi.  I am Anna-Lucia Clark and I am a GC sophomore.  I am a writer and photographer for The Talon.

Ayden Terrazas 26
Staff Writer

Ayden Terrazas ’26

I am Ayden Terrazas and I am a sophomore. I am a writer  and interviewer the Talon.

Mario Lara 27
Staff Writer

Mario Lara ’27

My name is Mario Lara, I am a Freshmen and I would like to be a writer for the Talon Newspaper. Before attending Good Counsel I wrote for my middle school's newspaper for two years before it was disbanded (6th and 7th grade.)...

Staff Writer

Ayden Terrazas ’26

I am Ayden Terrazas and I am a sophomore. I would like to be a writer for the Talon. and/or an interviewer.

Patrick Donahue 24
Staff Writer

Patrick Donahue “24

I'm Patrick Donahue, a staff writer from the class of 2024. It's not a surprise that I love to write, but I also listen to music, play videogames, swim for Good Counsel's team, run varsity Cross Country, and enjoy good food. Foreign...

Mason Smith 26
Staff Writer

Mason Smith “26

Julia Purdy 24
Staff Writer

Julia Purdy ’24

Hi! I’m Julia and I’m in the class of 2024. I am a writer on The Talon and I’m super exited to explore the different aspects and perspectives of this school by being on this team!

Casey Ore 24
Staff Writer

Casey Ore ’24

My name is Casey Ore. I am currently a junior and I work on The Talon because I want to be involved in media work. I am a strong writer and researcher.

Camila De Leon Orozco 25
Staff Writer

Camila De Leon Orozco ’25

I’m Camila! I’m a sophomore, and I am a staff writer at the Talon!

Anthony Pham 24
Staff Writer

Anthony Pham ’24

Hey there, my name is Anthony Pham. I’m in the class of 2024 and a staff writer for the Talon.

Ethan Bird 24
Staff Writer

Ethan Bird ’24

My name is Ethan Bird, and I am a Junior at Good Counsel. I am a staff writer for the Talon, Vice President of the archery club, and a St. Mary’s Scholar. Academically, I am interested in physics and chemistry and plan to pursue...

Chukwudalu Dumebi-Kachikwu 24
Staff Writer/FNN Team

Chukwudalu Dumebi-Kachikwu ’24

Greetings! My name is Dalu, and I’m a junior representative  at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School. I partake in leadership groups to improve our community such as XBSS and Campus Ministry. Outside of my work however I am...

David Lowey 26
Staff Photographer

David Lowey ’26

My name is David Lowey and I am a Sophomore on the Talon staff. I focus on photography.

Milenn Kini 26
Staff Photographer

Milenn Kini ’26

Hello! My name is Milenn and I am a Sophomore. This is my first year in the Talon so I hope to be a photographer and/or a writer. I am in speech band and pottery.

Sydney Holmes 24
Staff Photographer

Sydney Holmes ’24

Hello, I am Sydney Holmes. I will graduate from Good Counsel in 2024 and I am a photographer.

Madeleine Tiongson 25
Staff Photographer

Madeleine Tiongson ’25

Hi! I’m Maddie Tiongson ‘25, and I’m a co-section editor of photography, and the social media editor! ...

Ramsey Potur 25
Staff Photographer

Ramsey Potur ’25

My name is Ramsey Potur and I am in the class of 2025. I also have a twin.

Nicolette Orisme 24
Staff Photographer

Nicolette Orisme ’24

Hi! My name is Nicolette Orisme and I am a photographer for The Talon! As part of the 2024 graduating class, I hope that the information that The Talon provides for students is insightful and enlightening. Hope this school year...

Aiden Potter 25
Staff Photographer/FNN Team

Aiden Potter “25

Hey, my name is Aiden Potter. I am a sophomore at Our Lady of Good Counsel. I have 2 dogs and a little brother. In my free time I like to take pictures with my camera, play video games and play with my dogs.  ...

Runmin (Tony) Xiang 25
Staff Photographer/Writer

Runmin (Tony) Xiang ’25

I’m Runmin Xiang. I am 17 and in grade 11 . I’m in The Talon as a photographer. I love photography. I have a dream of recording and expressing my ideas and making some change to the milieu through my camera.

Jack Essig 26
Staff Writer/Graphic art

Jack Essig ’26

I am Jack Essig and I am graduating in 2026. I am currently a staff writer and do graphic arts for The Talon social media.

Gabby Gilpin 24
Social Media Staff, Staff Photographer

Gabby Gilpin ’24

Hi! My name is Gabby Gilpin, and I am a freshman this year at Good Counsel. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and playing sports. I am really excited to be apart of The Talon.

Danny Chung-A-Fung 24
Exec. Director FNN Team/Staff Writer

Danny Chung-A-Fung “24

Hi, I’m Danny and I’m a junior at GC. I am the President and Executive Director of FNN, where I get to utilize and grow in my video production and public speaking skills. I love being a part of FNN because I get to tap int...

Mrs. Essig

Mrs. Essig