Are High Schoolers Too Old for Halloween?


Mary Ellen McDermott '23

Halloween decorations on the library window during a foggy morning.

When thinking about Halloween, what is the first image that comes to your mind? Maybe it’s a jack-o-lantern illuminated by a candle or a big pile of candy. For many people, it’s kids dressing up and trick-or-treating. Although children are technically defined as people younger than 18, teenagers don’t fit the typical image of trick-or-treaters. Is it weird for high schoolers to trick-or-treat? What about dressing up? Is there an age limit for celebrating Halloween? To see what teens think, we interviewed various GC students about their opinion on the issue, including their overall stance, what age is too old to trick-or-treat, and how teens should celebrate Halloween. 

Annabel Seyoum ’26: “of course not!” 

Nealah Malmstrom ’25: “According to my sister, [you are] never too old for trick-or-treating. But I think you should be under 18 unless you go with your children or a cousin.”

John McDermott ’25: “That’s hard… well, in terms of trick-or-treating, maybe. But, older kids have parties, so parts of it may be [they have outgrown], but others maybe not.” 

Patrick Donahue ’24: “Depends on how they celebrate it… they can go to parties, but trick-or-treating might be a little too much.” 

Chris Patiag ’24: “21. But for trick-or-treating, 18. The idea of parties at 21 has some vitality that conflicts with costumes.”

Sophia Alves ’23: “For trick-or-treating, if you are over 16, it’s not as fun. You can still do it, and the people who do it probably do it ironically. But then, for costumes, I feel like it’s only embarrassing if you are, like, 30. Like, if you are at the age where you are paying taxes consistently…I don’t know, though, I feel like some old men can rock some Halloween costumes. Never too old for costumes.”

Emma Filliben ’23: “You know how in elementary and middle school… [we] had these parties with candy… and activities to keep us entertained. I think we should do this in high school too, college even… even when you’re an adult [at work] because we’re still going to be entertained by it. It’s not like we’ve suddenly lost our enthusiasm for Halloween.” 

Maura Martin ’23: “I think that we should [celebrate] the same like we did when we were kids and still be able to go and get candy… and we should do something in school that’s extra. I think it’d [still] be fun to dress up too.”

Angel McCray ’23: “I mean, it depends. If you’re a freshman, absolutely not… But for seniors, it’s a half and half. You are about to live on your own and [might] have a job. But if you’re just chilling, it doesn’t hurt to go trick-or-treating one last time.” 

Michael Nicolas ’23: “If they are going to go door to door, then [people] should probably stop at, like, 12. If they are going to have fun and dress up, they can be teen, adult, whatever. If you’re a parent, you can use your kid as an excuse. I say that’s okay.”

Daniel O’Donoghue ’23: “Being able to express yourself on the spookiest day of the year is a really fun thing. Dressing up is great no matter what age you are, but at one point it starts becoming a little inappropriate to go trick-or-treating because [you are] asking for candy when you could easily go buy your own.”

Claire Williams ’23: “I think it’s what you make of it. If you really want to go trick-or-treating, you might as well. You get free candy!”

In addition, we would also like to share our own opinions on the issue: 

Mary Ellen 

I agree with most of the students interviewed. There are some aspects of Halloween that teens have probably outgrown, but there are other aspects that are fun, even for adults. Trick-or-treating is more fun when you’re younger, so I think high schoolers should leave that for younger kids. Teens would probably enjoy giving out candy to eager trick-or-treaters on Halloween more. However, you’re never too old to dress up! It’s always fun to pick out a costume, and I think you can be even more creative when in high school. Other ways for teens to celebrate Halloween include going pumpkin picking with friends, having a movie night, or hosting a costume party. Although it’s a little strange for teens to go trick-or-treating, I think you’re never too old to enjoy the Halloween holiday! 


I think that anyone can wear costumes, but once it gets to the point where you can buy your own candy, trick-or-treating loses its charm. I remember spending a lot of time trading candy with my friends and sister, and now that we can buy whatever candy we want, there’s no point in all that. I also bet that I’d feel out of place around all the small children running around my neighborhood. However, holidays are only fun when people around you participate, Halloween especially, so you are never too old for a Halloween party and an elaborate costume. Also, where will kids trick-or-treat if there aren’t adults with far too much candy on their hands? 

GC students agree that high schoolers aren’t too old to celebrate Halloween, although some think trick-or-treating is better for younger kids. However, for the adults in our reader base, you may not feel the same! As Chris Patiag ’24 and Sophia Alves ’23 agreed, when you are an adult, you don’t need it to be Halloween to find life scary. But regardless of your opinion, we’re sure we can all be excited about the candy! 

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