GC’s New Head Chef!

An Interview with Head Chef Samuel Adkins


Christina Murphy '22

Meet Sam Adkins, Our Lady of Good Counsel’s Newest Head Chef.

With everyone back in the building, it seems like everything is getting back to normal after a year of virtual learning. There’s always one thing that comes with an entire school – hungry students! This year, Good Counsel has a new Head Chef running the show in the dining hall. Talon editor Sarah Gandluri sat down with Chef Adkins and got the inside scoop on his experience at GC.

Q. How has your experience been so far working at a high school? Is it new to you? 

A. “The experience has been nice. Surreal, but nice. Having not even been inside a high school for many years, it’s interesting to be back working in one. Working in this kind of environment is new to me. All of my career before this has been spent in restaurants.”

Q. What is your favorite part of working here? 

A. “My favorite part of working here is the community – I have felt very welcomed. It is hard to start in new places, and the people here at Good Counsel have made it very easy.”

Q. What is the most challenging part of working with high school students? 

A. “I think the hardest part of working with high school students is navigating everyone’s expectations. With a group so large and diverse, it can be difficult to feel like I can meet those expectations.”

Q. What meals or dishes do you hope to introduce to the menu? Any personal favorites that you want to incorporate? 

A. “I hope to introduce some more exciting vegetarian dishes. I am not a vegetarian myself, but I think that cooking with vegetables offers a more interesting palette to choose from. One of the dishes I hope to offer is a butternut squash dish with green curry and rice. It is a favorite of mine. I also am hoping to add some new pasta sauces.”

Q. What’s your favorite menu item right now? What do you think students most enjoy having for lunch? 

A. “My favorite menu item has to be the carnitas. I have always been a huge fan of pork shoulder, the cut of meat that is used for carnitas. The dish that I think the students like best? Other than French fries? I think maybe the General Tso’s Chicken.”

Everyone is piling back into the dining hall to get a taste of Chef Adkins’ ideas. Next time you grab some lunch, be sure to say hello to our new head chef!