Super Bowl LIV Best Commercials

The Super Bowl is famous for its commercials. Which were the best this year?

Trevor Whitaker, News Co-Editor

Food, family, and football; this is what the Super Bowl is all about. We all come together for different reasons. Even people who are not interested in the game will come together for this night full of football. Some watch only for the halftime show and others just for the Super Bowl ads.

Super Bowl ads have been a highlight of the Super bowl for a very long time. Most of the time, whenever someone is watching a show, or a game and an ad comes on, they will leave the room and grab a quick bite or something to drink. During the Super Bowl, though, people get all of their food and drinks before the game so that they can enjoy these fantastic ads. Now we will highlight the best top ads from this year’s Super Bowl.
One of the best ads from this year’s Super Bowl was the Doritos cool ranch commercial, which starred famous country singer/rapper, Lil Nas X. The commercial was so successful because of the song Old Town Road, which is Lil Nas X’s hit song. The ad also featured Sam Elliott. The commercial takes place in an old rural country town where Sam Elliott and Lil Nas X partake in a dance battle that Lil Nas X proceeds to win. The commercial is very popular and was one of the best in this year’s Super Bowl commercials.

Another top commercial this year was the Tom Brady Hulu commercial. Tom Brady is an NFL quarterback who is 42 years old and is entering his 21st season in the league. He is arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history. Still, because he is getting old, he is the subject of retirement rumors. In the Tom Brady Hulu commercial, we hear Brady possibly hint at retirement. We don’t know if this is true, but the assumption is that he’ll stay in the league for a while, especially with all the offers he will get once he has free agency this year. Overall it was a great commercial that might’ve had some patriots fans worried but will also bring some new business to Hulu.

Arguably the best commercial this year was the Josh Jacobs Kia commercial. Josh Jacobs is an outstanding rookie running back for the Oakland Raiders, who was in the running for rookie of the year. In this commercial, Josh Jacobs told his life story while also talking to his younger self. He told his younger self that even though he grew up homeless, he needed to keep pushing and not give up. He told his younger self that eventually, “We’ll make it.” In this commercial he is driving a Kia while giving this advice to his younger self. Overall this commercial was genuinely amazing. It inspired a lot of people and it really taught us not to take anything granted in life. It was also a commercial that inspired a lot of people who are going through hard times right now. This commercial was motivation for a lot of people. Kia can also expect an increase in sales after this commercial. Not only because the car is good but also because a guy like Josh Jacobs who’s journey is extraordinary endorses that car.

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