Romantic Movies That Make You Think

An Assortment of Original and Classic Movies to Watch on Valentine's Day or Anytime.

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Romantic Movies That Make You Think




Alexia Ayuk, News and Special Projects Editor

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Just because you are not currently in a relationship does not mean you cannot vicariously live through the unattainable relationships of romantic movie genre couples. For some of my choice favorite romantic comedies and other choice films that encourage me to look beyond the surface level perspective of love, continue reading!


Say Anything

Not only do I believe in the power of Jesus Christ, but also in the power of John Cusack. He makes movies for the soul that are reflective, honest, and self-aware. Say Anything is no different as it portrays the mismatched story of Lloyd Dobler and Diane Court. Two individuals on different paths that fall in love the summer after high school graduation and have to determine what really matters to them.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

In a more serious plotline than Jim Carey’s more notable films like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and Dumb and Dumber, this movie is a love story in reverse. After experiencing a painful breakup with Kate Winslet’s character, Carey’s character attempts to undergo a procedure to erase all the memories of their past relationship. This Academy Award-winning film for Best Original Screenplay explores the complexities of pain, loss, love, and how they are intertwined in relationships.


500 Days of Summer

An introspective look at the reality v. perception of our romantic relationships. Through the eyes of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character, Tom, we see his unique love story with Zooey Deschanel’s character unfold over a period of 500 days together. This original, modern love story which shifts back and forth over periods of their relationship presents the avenue of Tom’s reflection about what went wrong, helping him to discover that about which he is genuinely passionate.


Blue Valentine

With a similar concept to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s book after her presidential loss in 2016 titled “What Happened,” this film follows the road map of what went wrong in a relationship between Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams’ characters. The love story between Gosling and William’s characters portrays a realistic depiction of the turmoil that can happen in relationships over time that begin with such promise.



This timeless film is simply about what is worth risking in the name of love. I often claim that Casablanca is the most quotable movie of all time. With lines such as “was that cannon fire or is it my heart pounding,” “here’s looking at you kid,” and of course the most notable “of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world she walks into mine,” how can you not fall in love with Rick and Ilsa’s story?


The Truth about Cats and Dogs

This film is everything the Netflix teen rom-com Sierra Burgess is a Loser wishes it could have been. With a similar plot of mistaken identity, we can follow popular radio show host Abby (Janeane Garofalo) who hits it off with one of her callers. Fearful of meeting him in person, she uses her next door neighbor to pose as her on the date. When Brian (Ben Chaplin) begins to get confused over why the girl he is dating is different from the girl on the phone, Abby starts to fall in love with him as well as her neighbor.



If a timer implanted in your wrist could tell you the exact moment you meet your soulmate, would you do it? Although the film can seem slow and drag on at parts, it poses an interesting question: can we only have one soulmate? If so, what determines who that person is: a timer or our hearts?


Two Can Play That Game

Are there certain rules when it comes to love? Does playing hard to get work? Does Morris Chestnut get better looking with age? This film, starring Vivica Fox as an arrogant career woman who puts her boyfriend’s love to the test with a few mind-games.  This tactic backfires on her as she discovers he has some tricks of his own.


When Harry Met Sally

This romantic comedy ignited the genre. When Harry Met Sally introduces the most commonly asked question of most romantic comedies: can men and women truly be just friends. After driving to New York together from college, Harry and Sally decidedly agree that they do not like each other. Still, chance run-ins years after transform their hatred into a friendship…and maybe more.


Call Me By Your Name

Watching the love story adapted from the book of the same title by André Aciman introduced me to the wonderful acting talent of Timothee Chalamet and the picturesque town of Crema, Italy. However, more importantly, after watching this film a little over ten times, please don’t judge, I can confidently state that its central message is, do not cut away from the pain. One of the characters in the film perfectly encompasses this concept saying, “But to make yourself feel nothing so as to not feel anything…what a waste.” This film’s emphasis on finding peace through the pain of loss is truly a beautiful sentiment.