A Look Back on a 60th Anniversary Victory for the Falcons

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A Look Back on a 60th Anniversary Victory for the Falcons

Chad Frick, Guest Writer

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Even the most substantial rain could not deter loyal GC fans, as around 40-50 students showed up to watch the Falcons embarrass the Mount St. Joe’s Gaels on the Sunday afternoon following GC’s 60th Anniversary. Fans who were disappointed the previous Friday night fortunately quickly learned that being
part of a historic victory like this one was worth the wait. The game was over in the Falcons favor before it even started. From the beginning, Latrele Palmer, also known as “Almighty Trel,” punished the Gael defense for underestimating him and his powerful running ability. The GC defense did a great job protecting the end zone, and the O-Line did an incredible job protecting our quarterback Kam Snell, allowing zero sacks at the end of the day.
Following the first quarter, Good Counsel was leading 10-0. This delighted the fans, along with River Jackson, who did not hesitate to break it down and cut a rug on the sidelines. Chants such as “WHAT’S A GAEL,” and “SCORE-BOARD, SCORE-BOARD” taunted the opposing team. Our crowd’s intermittent and random exclamations of “HUT” and “HIKE” disrupted the snap count of the Gaels’ center and quarterback.

The fans who braved the cold and wetness deserve just as much recognition for this win as the players do. As our students jumped up and down in the bleachers, freezing cold and soaking wet, Taylor McLaughlin and Mariam Shamim took videos, hoping to make these memories last forever.
The scoreboard read 37-0 at halftime, which resulted in a dance party in the student section. Highlights included Jake Whitman hitting a mean Milly Rock. Boy, our students sure know how to dance.
Freshman sacrifices did not stop the rain, although Joey Vazzana insisted that they would. Jake Taylor, aka “The Chief” and Booster Club’s “Safe Guy,” demanded in his powerful voice that his friend, Curtis Walker, receive some touches on the ball. Jake disregarded the fact that Curtis plays defense. Sarah Weber and Kat Hanrahan ensured that the crowd got a little bit rowdy. Dean Mastroianni and Brian Zajac, who play baseball and lacrosse, insisted on being able to play. Once the game had been put away, both young men repeatedly shouted, “put me in!” However, the coaching staff and WCAC rules prevented them from achieving their varsity football dreams. Better luck next time, gentlemen.
The fourth quarter was no less exciting than the rest of the game had been. Running back Mekhi Smith disappeared beneath a swarm of blockers, only to reappear on the other side for a huge gain. Fan favorite Dylan Hamill, referred to by the fans as “D-Ham,” kicked in a crucial, much-needed, extra point through the uprights to increase the score from 57-0 to 58-0.
Here is some food for thought…the game was initially scheduled to be played on Friday, the same day as the celebration of Good Counsel’s 60th anniversary. Our Falcons scored a total of 58 points. Ironically, our school was founded in 1958. Coincidence??? NOT!!! Coach Steffanelli could not have planned it any better.