Good Counsel’s Former President On Our 60th Anniversary

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Good Counsel’s Former President On Our 60th Anniversary

Daniel Browning Cummins, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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Following the 60th Anniversary Mass last Friday, The Talon had the opportunity to speak to many members of the Good Counsel family who had joined us in celebration: a former school president, former principals, and other alums who, after they left Good Counsel, had answered God’s calling into the priesthood and religious service.

Former Good Counsel President Art Raimo began serving here as a history teacher, just about 40 years ago. Now, he continues his work as President of the Academy of the Holy Names in Tampa, Florida, a K-12 Catholic private school. He has seen Good Counsel grow tremendously during his time here and continuing after he left, but he says Good Counsel has helped him grow too, in different ways.

“It’s important, if you’re a leader, to have a vision, and to include as many people in that vision as possible,” he said. The greatest lesson, however, was to “learn from mistakes and be willing to take risks.”

Mr. Raimo embodied this willingness—he engineered and executed the move from Good Counsel’s home in Wheaton to Olney. And he’s still grateful for that decision: “Since the move to Olney, the physical space has enabled it to be so much more in terms of the programs offered,” he explained. “Programs in the arts, music, and drama have expanded exponentially. The athletic program has taken off, campus ministry has grown and ensured that service and worship have become more central, allowing students to grow in faith as well.” He even thought the 60th Anniversary Mass was “beautiful and spot on,” and that the choir was “tremendous.”

In closing, he mentioned his most personal connection to Good Counsel—the people he met. Specifically, his wife.

“I was teaching history, and she was hired as a brand new chemistry teacher. We became friends and married a couple of years later, have been married now for forty years and sent our three children here.”

As we celebrate 60 years as a school, it is crucial to look back and remember those who made Good Counsel what it is today. Mr. Raimo stands at the forefront, embodying the values that make our community special, and for that, we cannot thank him enough.


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