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  • March 5CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GC FIELD HOCKEY TEAM! They have made us proud with a historically high number of wins and are the most decorated team in the history of the GC Field Hockey program.
The Student News Site of Our Lady of Good Counsel High School

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The Student News Site of Our Lady of Good Counsel High School

The Talon

GC Athlete Feature Q&A- Eddie Battista ‘25

Eddie Batissta 25, Good Counsel Jr. and Offensive Lineman/Guard for GC Varsity Football
Danny Chung-A-Fung “24
Eddie Batissta ’25, Good Counsel Jr. and Offensive Lineman/Guard for GC Varsity Football

When you think of Good Counsel, you probably think about its great athletic program. GC has won over 70 WCAC titles in the last decade alone, and graduates have gone on to play at the highest level in both college and professional sports. GC is always among the best sports schools in the area, in part because of our tremendous student-athletes. 

In this recurring segment, you will be able to get to know some of the GC athletes who go out and represent our school in athletic events.

Today we get to feature Eddie Battista ‘25, who is an offensive lineman on the 2023 WCAC champion varsity football team! In addition to football, he also is part of the Student Government Association (SGA), which Eddie talks about in this feature. He also shares how his love for football as well as his aspirations post GC, which include a career in politics. 


When and why did you start playing football? 

Growing up, I was always big for my age growing up, so everyone always said I should play football, but with fall baseball and COVID, I never got the chance before high school. When I came to tour Good Counsel at the Open House, the football coaches approached me before I even got out of the car. I fell in love with football and it took over my other sports.

What position do you play? 

I play offensive line, mostly guard.

What’s your favorite part about playing football? 

My favorite part about playing football is the feeling I get out there on Friday nights when playing with my team. There is no better feeling than pancaking somebody and seeing Dillin Jones run down the field or giving Frankie [Weaver] time to hit Elijah [Moore] with a pass because we gave him time to throw.


Eddie on the field before a home football game. Eddie takes great pride in being a part of the O-line, and says there’s no better feeling than being out on the field playing with his teammates.

What has been your greatest challenge playing football- and how have you overcome it? 

My greatest challenge playing football was having to catch up to all of the other players who had been playing the sport forever. I knew I’d have to work twice as hard just to get my technique down, so, I started working with Coach Dillon at Functional Athletic Training to refine my mechanics and I worked through his drills every single morning before school. 

What’s the team environment like? What do you all do to bond on and off the field? 

Well, most people think offensive linemen are from another planet so we really stick together! Seriously, I love that football provides the best, most diverse group of teammates and coaches possible and between practice, film, meetings, and traveling, we spend a lot of time working together, more than any sport, we all come together and there’s one goal that we’re focused on: winning a championship.

What’s your pregame hype song?

I think I would be doing everyone a disservice if I didn’t answer with the classic “Gonna Fly Now,” the theme from the greatest sports movie franchise and the original Italian Stallion, Rocky.

If you had to play a sport other than football, what sport would you play instead?

I always loved baseball, but I really like being able to hit people and not get in trouble for it! So I guess another physical sport like rugby or hockey would be fun. 

When you’re not playing football, what else do you like to do in your free time?

Football’s a full time job, but in my free time I’m an Executive Council Member of the Student Government (SGA) and a member of the National Honor Society (NHS). I’m also a Campus Ministry leader and a member of the Strength in Christ, One Love, and Politics and Government Clubs.

Eddie (middle) with GC’s principal, Mr. Campbell, and former president Dr. Barker. He hopes to attend a university that allows him to continue playing football while studying political science and law. (Batissta)


What made you want to be a part of SGA?

I’ve always had a passion for Government and leadership. I started in student politics in the 4th Grade and continued with many different roles, and currently I am one of the three Executive Council Members that lead our SGA. I like to give people a voice, I like to work with others and figure things out, and I really get into the creative side of it, everything from creating campaigns to figuring out themes for events and innovating fundraisers.  

What’s your favorite class in school? 

Not a surprise, but my favorite class right now is AP Comparative Government. I’m really getting into learning more about different countries’ governments. I would say my favorite class all throughout high school so far has been World History because it was a very well taught course with great debates and my classmates were great people that I still talk to today.  

What’s your least favorite class?

Eddie (middle) with his parents, who he considers his biggest supporters. He appreciates that his parents were able to make time to attend not just his games, but his siblings’ games/matches also.

Some classes and teachers really stand out, like the ones I just mentioned, but being totally honest, I’ve never taken a bad class at GC or had a bad teacher.

What are you interested in studying after high school?

My dream is to play at a top-tier university with great football and even better academics where I can contribute on the field to a championship and study political science and law to prepare me to fill an elected role in the government.


Who would you say is/ has been your biggest inspiration/supporter?

I would say my biggest inspiration and supporters are my parents. My mother was a Division I softball pitcher and head coach and is in the Athletic Hall of Fame for UMBC. My father started marketing advertising departments at Under Armour then with other brands, and he used to take us to his commercial shoots where I found my passion for being in front of the camera! Somehow parents always find time to go to all of their four kids’ games and matches.