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  • March 5CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GC FIELD HOCKEY TEAM! They have made us proud with a historically high number of wins and are the most decorated team in the history of the GC Field Hockey program.
The Student News Site of Our Lady of Good Counsel High School

The Talon

The Student News Site of Our Lady of Good Counsel High School

The Talon

Four of the 1245 Interesting Students at GC

Four of Good Counsel’s interesting students: Chris Patiag ‘24, Roman Calure ‘26, Ang Bezos ‘24, and Kiley McEnerney ‘25

Kiley McEnerney ‘25

Meet Kiley McEnerney ‘25! She’s a junior here at Good Counsel and on the poms and dance teams. When she’s not twirling her sparkly pom poms on the field, she focuses on her other passion: studying marine biology! Kiley is an animal lover with a very interesting spotted leopard gecko named Leo. She would like a monitor lizard for her next pet!  Kiley’s dream job aspirations are in the science field.

Kiley and her pet Leo (Via K. McEnerney ‘25)

What cool things do you own/what are your prized possessions?

I adore music so I own a turn-table and about 20 vinyl’s. I still have a stuffed animal my sister gave my mom at my baby shower.

Any fun facts about yourself?

I pretty much love all animals, but I hate most insects.


Roman Calure ‘26

Meet Roman Calure ‘26! He’s a sophomore here at Good Counsel. He discovered his passion for playing the trumpet around the time he first picked up the instrument. He doesn’t particularly want to go into a job regarding trumpet – he would rather do something involving aeronautics!

via Roman Calure

What cool things do you own/what are your prized possessions?

I received it [his trumpet] for Christmas around 3rd grade and really enjoyed it.

Any fun facts about yourself?

Two fun facts about myself are that I owned a chameleon at one point and that I bee keep with my mom.


Ang Bezos ‘24

Meet Ang Bezos ‘24! They’re a senior here at Good Counsel. When they aren’t practicing their poms routines, they’re in Mr. Clulow’s art room creating masterpieces! They’re in GC’s spectrum club, poms, and NAHS (National Art Honors Society).

When did you first discover your talents?

Dancing has always been a part of me. I’ve been dancing since I was three or five at my old studio, and then from there I went to poms. Art was more of a growing passion. I learned to love it. Not because I didn’t like it, just because it was something I thought wasn’t for me. But now I love art, I can’t get enough of it.

What cool things do you own/what are your prized possessions?

Well, my biggest prized possession is my pet snake. His name is Tony. His original name was supposed to be Louis, like Louis Vuitton, but I thought that was a little mean. So we changed it.

What’s your dream job?

via Ang Bezos

I could go down any career path, honestly. Recently, I’m really into forensics. Really been into that; cleaning up crime scenes, doing photography and sketches of crime scenes. Also, being a flight attendant – I don’t know how that got roped into here but I thought of that. I think I just like traveling.



Any fun facts about yourself?

I’m Cuban and Filipino. A lot of people get the Filipino part, but not the Cuban part.


Chris Patiag ‘24

Meet Chris Patiag ‘24! They’re a senior here at GC. They’re a huge part of GCTC (Good Counsel Theatre Company).  You may have seen them as Professor Plum in Clue or as Mr. Van Daan in The Diary of Anne Frank. When they’re not amazing everyone with their acting skills, they’re solving math problems or listening to the Hadestown soundtrack. They’re a member of the IB program here at GC!

When did you first discover your talents/passions?

I think around sixth grade when I joined my middle school drama club, and it’s also around the time when I became a cantor in my school choir.

What topics interest you the most (could be a dream job or field)?

Oddly but obviously, mathematics is my main interest. It has always come easily to me, and I love objectively accepted concepts.

via Chris Patiag ’24

What are your prized possessions?

I don’t give much subjective value to objects, so I suppose my favorite possessions are my laptop for practical use and clothing items such as my suspenders, my tie clips, and even my glasses because I like how they look.

What clubs are you in?

I’ve signed up for a few different clubs but I’m mainly a member of GCTC.

Any fun facts about yourself?

I have had friends for seven years that I have never met in person! Don’t worry, I know they’re real.