The Finals Are Coming!

Study Habits to Help You Make the Grade

With finals, AP/IB exams, and other end-of-the-year assessments coming up, everyone at Good Counsel has entered study mode. We asked some GC students for their tips and tricks to studying.

What types of assessments do you generally study for?

Dom Godman (10th grade): “It depends, usually it’s something that freaks me out. Like French or Chemistry.”

Adam Duran (10th grade): “Quizzes and tests. There’s nothing in between, that’s all I study for.”

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” — Chinese Proverb


How often do you study?

Luis Buenaflor (9th grade): “It depends on the workload for that week and how many tests I have. Like, on a busy week, I’d probably study every day for all the quizzes and tests I have. For non-busy weeks, I probably space out my time so I’d have more time to study.”

Aryana Heaton (9th grade): “Twice a week, or maybe more before a test.”


What methods do you use to study?

Dom Godman (10th grade): “Anything the teacher might give us, like a study guide.”

Courtney Harris (9th grade): “I study for 30 minutes, then give myself a break, then study for 30 minutes. I take breaks in between, or else I can’t.”

Adam Duran (10th grade): “Quizlet and books.”

Aryana Heaton (9th grade): “Going over notes and making my own study guide in Notability.”


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Do you study differently for finals than you do for other tests?

Luis Buenaflor (9th grade): “I definitely study more than for a normal test. I complete the study guides that my teachers give me. I look over them and, like, quiz myself.”

Aryana Heaton (9th grade): “Yes. I go over different notes. I take the notes off the study guide and make my own on Notability.”


What’s your biggest tip to students for doing well on final exams?

Mr. Durkin (English teacher): “Study early. Study your material in small bunches, you know, two weeks in advance. And then, you know, go to bed earlier. Most students are in the wrong routine. Start working on it right away!”


Good luck to all students taking final or AP/IB exams!