Senior Spotlight #23: Kate Nonnenkamp

(Here’s another name you hopefully recognize.) Meet Kate, Co-Executive Editor of The Talon, member of Good Counsel Theater Company, Academic Competitions Club, and other activities that come and go. She is a Cancer and INTP and wants to study physics and computer science at Georgetown University next year. Here’s her senior spotlight interview!  


What’s your favorite extracurricular activity? 


“I don’t have a favorite. They’re annoying yet rewarding in their own individual ways.” 


What’s your advice for freshmen? 


“Try as many things as possible. It may seem like a lot at first, so if it’s not working, stop doing it. But don’t be somebody that’s never tried.” 


What’s your favorite class and teacher? 


“The class I’ve had the most rewarding experiences from is Latin, but part of that is because it’s been the same people for 4 years. It’s a fun, tight-knit group, and I’ve learned a lot from it. I’m glad that I took it.” 


What’s your favorite lunch food? 


Bao Buns 


What is your favorite trend from the last 4 years? 


“2-3 week long temporary tattoos. I think those are great because it’s long enough to feel real, but I don’t have to commit.” 


What’s one thing you wish you could change or have done differently? 


“I would say I committed myself to too many things too fast. I felt stuck in things at points because I said I was going to do something or decided I was going to do something. It’s important to take that step and try things, but it’s just as important to say no and stop when it’s not what you want or it’s getting too much.” 


What GC senior do you want on your side of the apocalypse? 


“Zoe Jerva has a good combination of different skills.” 


That concludes our senior spotlight series! We hope you got to learn a little more about our exceptional senior class and appreciate all their achievements. Congrats again to all members of the class of 2023!