Interview with Mr. Samuto — A New Staff Member of Campus Ministry


Nicolette Orisme

Samuto Tene is a new staff member for Good Counsel’s Campus Ministry team.

Mr. Samuto, a new staff member of Campus Ministry, graduated with a degree in family science from the University of Maryland. Previously, he coached football at Howard University and Georgetown Prep—where he went to high school. He decided that career path was not the one for him, and proceeded to look into education. He taught at St. Ignatius Loyola Academy in Baltimore and St. Michael’s Academy before coming to Good Counsel. The following is a transcription of an interview with him.

Q: How has Good Counsel been for you so far?

Mr. Samuto: It’s been an enjoyable experience. I like the people, and I’m fully invested in the Good Counsel way.

Q: What’s the best part of working for Campus Ministry?

Mr. Samuto: I mean, my boss is pretty cool, Mr. Abdo. [Mr. Abdo, who is also in the room during this interview, is heard laughing in the background] I like my other co-workers too, and they’ve done a good job at helping me do better at my job.

Q: Do you have any new plans for Campus Ministry in the upcoming year?

Mr. Samuto: Any new plans? Not yet, I’m still in absorb mode, like sponge mode.

Q: Okay last question, and it’s a more fun one I’d say. What are some of your hobbies outside of school?

Mr. Samuto: I’m a musician. I play the piano, and I produce music for fun. I also play pick-up soccer sometimes.

Talking with Mr. Samuto was a very easy-going experience. If you ever want to stop by and say hello, you can find him in the Campus Ministry office on the third floor.