Starting the week of September 12, The Talon (, will restart the monthly contest entitled WHERE IS VIC?  Somewhere, within one of The Talon articles you will find VIC…see below.

When you have found him, read through the Daily Bulletin, and find the link that will take you to the entry form. Please fill out the form and submit it. The winner…the first one to find Vic and submit the google form with the correct information, will win a $10 gift card. Each month will feature a different gift card. The winner will be notified and posted in The Talon at the end of the month. You may only win once during a school year. However, at the end of the year (June), all winners from the previous months will be entered into a Grand Prize drawing for a $25 gift card to an establishment of the winner’s choice.

Vic will wander over to a new article with a new winner every month! Start reading The Talon TODAY, learn something new, and win yourself a little treat!

*Members of the Talon are ineligible to enter.