Odd Sports Around the World

There are many odd sports around the world that you would never expect!


There are many odd sports around the world that you would never expect!

Sports are such a big part of our culture – especially at GC, where the Friday night lights shine bright on the football field. There are so many interesting sports out there, and it’s about time we explored them: some are cool and funny, others are bizarrely out of this world. An adventure through the world of odd sports takes us across continents, cultures, and countries.

Ostrich Racing
Surely you’ve watched horse racing, but have you seen people racing ostriches? They’re the fastest birds on the planet and are native to Africa. Watching ostrich racing can seem a little bizarre, but people have been doing it for centuries – we can trace the sport back to Ancient Egypt! It’s also a popular sport in some parts of the United States, so next time you visit Chandler, Arizona, check out the largest ostrich racing contest in America!

Dog Surfing
Have you ever tried surfing during a trip to the beach? Maybe it wasn’t as easy as it looked – would you have more balance with four legs and a tail? Dog surfing is exactly what it sounds like: dogs surfing! The tradition goes back to the 1920’s, and annual dog surfing championships are held in California.

Pitchfork Hanging
Gaffelhangen, or pitchfork hanging in Dutch, originated in the Netherlands. The sport is simple: just hold onto a hanging pitchfork as long as you can. It’s similar to hanging on a pull up bar, but a pitchfork has been thrown into the mix.

Extreme Ironing
Extreme sports are cool because they’re… extreme. People are flipping off things, doing tricks with motorcycles – the works. Ironing isn’t very cool on its own, but extreme ironing takes the household task to a different level – people have ironed clothes on Mount Everest, underwater, and even while skydiving! The first Extreme Ironing World Championships was held in Germany in 2002.