Unusual Hobbies


Ethan Bird '24

PJ Maneval ‘23 after shooting a watermelon with the GC Archery Club.

Free time appears to be a hot commodity in high school, between the papers to write and the tests to study for. But when free time does come along, what’s the best way to spend it? It seems like a waste to do nothing, but most things don’t seem interesting enough to spend time doing. To solve this, here’s a list of hobbies that may prove to be more entertaining than some of the other options around.

1. Fruit Archery 

Archery in and of itself is a pretty uncommon hobby, but when combined with fruit, it’s a whole new level of strange. Archers will line up and attempt to shoot whatever unfortunate fruit happens to end up at the tip of their arrows. The sport becomes more rewarding when there’s a delicious fruit waiting to be eaten after releasing a quiver of arrows, and the fruit seems to taste better too!

2. Fantasy Sports

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to compete in a quidditch match? Or fight in the Hunger Games? Maybe even go head to head in some pod racing? Well fantasy sports are exactly that. People will take their own spins on these fictional sports and find their own ways to enact them into real life. Some people take it very seriously and if you are skilled enough you can even participate in professional tournaments against national champions!

3. Ghost Hunting

This is one that many people are interested in but few have the chance to actually do. People will go out into creepy areas and use special equipment to attempt to communicate with those beyond the grave. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, ghost hunting can provide you with chills down your spine that you’ll never forget.

4. Kit Building

Kit building involves buying boxes of materials and…well…building them! They contain instructions on how to build what’s inside. It’s like building with legos, but this time with wood, metal, fabric, and more interesting materials. There are thousands of different kits to build, from movie characters to video game structures, and can provide a great time killer with a satisfying reward.

5. Speed Cubing

A small collection of the different varieties of speed cubes. (Ethan Bird ’24)

You’ve probably heard of Rubik’s cubes, but you might not have known that there are professional competitions, which have so many different categories to compete in: one handed, blindfolded, one handed and blindfolded. If you can think of it, it’s probably a category. Not to mention that there are tons of different types of cubes, from the regular 3×3 cube to hexagonal cubes and modified cubes with magnets and lubrication. The possibilities are endless!






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