International Students’ Day

Today is International Students’ Day. International Students’ Day is a nonpolitical celebration of the multiculturalism of international students, held annually on November 17th.

Having an international student program is an important part of our school. The benefits for international students to study in the United States are well documented—enhanced English language skills, expanded academic and career opportunities, and the experience of Western life. Additionally, there are many benefits for our domestic student body and community at large.

  • Expansion: International students help their peers break out of the familiar American bubble.
  • Awareness: Domestic students can develop a deeper understanding of different cultures.
  • Appreciation: Students are able to develop a deep appreciation as they witness the many hurdles international students clear on a daily basis—adjusting to new foods and customs, learning difficult subject matter in a foreign language, etc.—helping domestic students avoid taking too much for granted.
  • Intellectual Exploration: Exposure to new views, perspectives, and contexts opens students’ eyes to the broader world.
  • Life Skills: International influence during the formative years enhances curiosity and decision making in the future, including career options and living in or visiting another country.

There is no better way to commemorate International Students’ Day—November 17—than to show appreciation for the many contributions international students bring to our campus.