Homecoming FAQs

Homecoming FAQs

Homecoming (hoco) is an exciting time during the school year, whether you’re a fresh-faced 9th grader or a seasoned 12th grader. However, due to COVID-19, a large number of our students have not yet experienced their first hoco! Here are some commonly asked questions to hopefully assuage your fears:


What’s the food like?

The food is really good! It is organized by the Parent Association and is mainly comprised of finger foods and snacks.


What’s the atmosphere?

The atmosphere is welcoming and is even more fun if you come with a group of friends. If not, it’s still ok because you have the chance to mingle with everyone there!


What’s a homecoming court?

The homecoming court is an event at many high schools where some students get elected by the student population to become “royals.” GC does not participate in this.


What does the term “homecoming” mean?

Homecoming is a tradition in many parts of the US and Canada, where community members are welcomed back. It has evolved to be based around a central event at GC; it is based around the football game and the dance itself.


How does SGA come up with the theme?

SGA decides, among themselves, on a theme to which they think the student body will respond positively. Usually, they ask a few students outside of SGA as well. For all the themes so far, the choices have been well received! This year the theme is casino.


Should I take pictures?

Yes! Commemorate a fun event in your high school event with a bunch of pictures. You can take them outside of school, inside the building, or against designated picture-taking sections in the Gallery.


Dress code?

Semi-formal to formal. Most people wear dress pants and a dress shirt or a suit, or a nice dress.


A few addendums:

There are a couple of need-to-knows about homecoming this year:

  • Once you leave, you can’t come back
  • No students from outside of GC allowed
  • A list of all attendees will be at the door-no trying to sneak in!
  • It’s on Saturday, 10/23 at 8 pm. 


Many of our seniors and juniors have been to homecoming before and eagerly shared their opinion on it!

MJ Frye’ 22– “I liked it a lot, it was really fun hanging out with all my friends and everything, and just having fun. They had snacks and water, so it was chill.”

Bobby Mascari’ 22- “I had a great time with my friends, and in freshman year, it was new to all of us. I just wish there had been an outside portion too.”


Jonathan Wu’ 23– “It was pretty fun. I recommend staying outside of the group of people in the middle if you don’t want to overheat and start sweating.”


Rebekah Sun’ 22– “Try to meet up with some friends beforehand to hang out and take pictures! Going with friends is so much fun.”


Daria Aliaskari’ 22– “To me, hoco is just a chance to dress up and hang out with all your school friends. My freshman year, I was pretty nervous, but I’m glad I went.”


A couple highlights from past homecoming weeks: