Getting through the First Quarter: Helpful Dates and Tips

First quarter is an interesting time in the life of a high school student, no matter what year you belong to. For many, readjusting to the school schedule after the long summer hiatus is quite the challenge when the dog days of freedom are just receding in the rearview mirror. Some students dread the approach of certain standardized tests that shall remain unnamed for the moment. For others, first impressions with new teachers and classmates can be quite intimidating. 

Speaking of, this is the first “normal” first quarter we have had in quite a bit, due to the still-ongoing pandemic. Some sophomores had never been in the building among their teachers and peers regularly before this quarter, and everyone is still trying to get their bearings in this new normal- if it can be called that, with how rapidly developing this pandemic had shown itself to be. Freshmen and sophomores alike this year can be united in saying that they have never experienced important first quarter dates such as homecoming and concerts, a circumstance almost unheard of before. 

As we near the end of the eight weeks of the first quarter- the shortest quarter in the year by the way!- it may be helpful to have a single place to refer to for important upcoming dates and details. These dates and pieces of information are compiled from the school calendar and bulletins from Mrs. Hanson, along with additional information from Ms. Canales and Mrs. Neugebauer. 

Credit: OLGCHS

GC Spirit Week

The week of the 18th is Spirit Week! All week, various events will be taking place, with themed dress down days to boot, all leading up to the long-awaited homecoming. It’s also worth noting that this is the final week of the first quarter:

  • October 18- Olympic Day. Junior/Senior Boys Volleyball from 6:30-7:30 PM in the Litton Gym, check-in starts at 6:15.
  • October 19- Class Shirt Day, shirts will be distributed in communities. Battle of the Classes Assembly, sign-up forms are out and close on the 12th.
  • October 20- Neon and Cool Sneakers Day. Junior/Senior Football in the Stadium from 6:30-8:00 PM (same check-in time as Monday’s volleyball).
  • October 21- Different themes for different years: Famous Freshmen, Salad Dressing Sophomores, Jersey Juniors, Slumber Party Seniors. After School Fence Decorating from 3:30-5 PM.
  • October 22- The last day of first-quarter! Blue and Gold Day. There will be a pep rally assembly, and of course, the homecoming football game!
  • October 23- Homecoming Dance from 8-11 PM, doors open at 7:30 and access will not be granted after 9:00, GC students only, semi-formal attire, tickets on sale through the school portal from Oct. 14 for $15 per individual.

First Quarter Grading

Grades will be finalized in the grade books about a week after the 22nd. Until then, it would be a good idea to get into the habit of making up any outstanding assignments- you can still get points for them until the grade books close. If you have tests coming up you are worried about, or any concerns in general, seeing the teachers in question would be an excellent step. Even just taking a few minutes during lunch or flex time to communicate your concerns to them can make a big difference in helping you be prepared and successful. Until then, best of luck to all classes as we round out this most magnificent time of the year!

Jeswin Thomas on Unsplash