Opening School Mass Humility Speech

Good morning everyone! 

My name is Abby Munro, I am a senior this year at Good Counsel. I am here to talk about this year’s Xaverian value – humility. Now most of you know the Xaverian values or have at least talked about them in religion class or two but they still might seem like abstract concepts that are just written on the walls of Good Counsel. But, you’re here at GC, and Xaverian values are what we discuss, and more importantly what we live.  

When Mr. Abdo asked me to speak to you about the value of humility in my own life, I was a little apprehensive – I don’t like talking about myself, and, until now, I haven’t much thought of humility – but here I am. Just so we’re on the same page – 

Humility, by the Xaverian definition, is a value that gives people the ability to accept and affirm their giftedness as well as to acknowledge the giftedness of others. 

So humility is basically acknowledging that you and the people around you have both talents and faults, and accepting those people exactly as they are. It is also understanding you are one person in a class, a school, a community, a nation, and a global society – and you don’t know it all.  

For me, humility plays a role in my everyday life. My freshmen year started with me coming in like a rocket, focused on being popular, building my image, and becoming a social media star. I was focused on the things that I thought would make people like me, looking for others’ approval. 

I have never been a confident person, which is why I was so focused on my image when I was a freshman. But through the next three years at Good Counsel, I have become a rising senior who tries to build others up, recognizing their potential and, by doing so, my own, becoming an advocate for equality and equity, serving God through my service to others, and being the person and Falcon I can be proud of and represent the Good Counsel community. 

Now I know what you all are thinking, so what does any of this have to do with humility. Well, I recognize my accomplishments. As I stand here and give this speech, I can proudly say that I am a school leader in XBSS, captain of the Poms team, captain of the speech team, and a part of St Mary’s Scholars.  That doesn’t sound like humility – right?  

Humility comes in when I say I have done all these things not on my own, but through the love and support of others.  These things are not just my accomplishments, but the accomplishments of my teachers, the leaders of the school, my friends, my parents, and God.  I have learned so much since being a freshman and recognized that being a Falcon and being part of this community has educated me and taught me so many life lessons. 

So, while I came in here thinking I knew everything and was going to be it all, I recognize now that there is more to life than popularity and that there are so many others who have influenced who I am today.  Good Counsel is a community that is always here to celebrate your accomplishments and to support you as you grow and learn from your mistakes. None of us succeeds on our own, so as a Falcon, I want to tell you what I have learned:


  • First – every teacher at GC is here for you, offering help to anyone who asks, so don’t be afraid to ask.  Believe me, I found that I don’t know it all, and am grateful to the teachers and school leaders who have guided me on my path to success.  
  • Second – take every opportunity offered to you, not only because someone is paying a lot of money for this amazing education, but because who knows you might actually learn something or develop a new relationship. Say yes because it’s part of being a Falcon.
  • Third – serve God through your service to others. It may seem like a lot at first but try to see beyond your service hours into the heart of who you serve.  In those moments take a second to think about how truly blessed you are and how you can help those who may be less fortunate. 
  • And lastly recognize your own potential and talents, but don’t forget to recognize and encourage the same in others. It is easy in high school to get caught up the who knows who and what’s going on, but really take time over the next year to look at those around you, to accept them, and encourage them to be the best they can be.  If I have learned one thing from being here at good counsel it’s that “even alone, the loving good person can make a difference.”  Making a difference is what it means to be a Falcon.   

So what do I say to you today – be your authentic self because being you is enough.  Your talents, your energy, your work ethic, your strengths, and your weaknesses and growth opportunities are what make you uniquely you. Build on each other’s strengths and stand by each other when you inevitably experience vulnerability and weakness.  Also, be that person who shows people they mean something to you.  Support each other.  By the end of high school you realize…it is not just about the grade you get on an exam or in a class, but your character as a person and how you make others feel.  And as Tim McGraw says:

Let yourself feel the pride, but 

Always stay humble and kind. 


Welcome back to Good Counsel. I wish each one of you the best year. Thank you all so much.