We Made It!!!

A Letter From The Talon Editors

To the Good Counsel Community:

It’s safe to say that this school year has been like no other. COVID has led us to completely reshape our means of attendance in person and our attitudes and ability to persevere. Through awkward hybrid learning situations and shocking occurrences like Asian hate crimes, Israeli-Palestinian conflicts, and a taxing political climate, we have seen our community rise to face these immense challenges with courage, love, determination, and above all: hope.

The challenges that we have seen plague the world and our community have only proven Good Counsel’s remarkable ability to adapt and thrive under challenging circumstances. As students, teachers, staff, and administration, we have found a way to continue to uphold our roles in the Good Counsel community, even if they looked a little different this year.

Now that it’s time for summer go get some rest, do what you love, and have fun! It is incredibly well deserved after such a turbulent year. 

Here at Good Counsel’s student newspaper, The Talon, we have had an amazing year producing insightful and stimulating content for the GC community despite remote Zoom meetings and lengthy email chains. Though we will be going on a hiatus over the summer, we will continue to think about how we can consistently improve; we cannot wait to return next fall with fresh, up-to-date, and refined content for you!


Have an amazing summer, Good Counsel.



The Talon Team