Thanksgiving Service During the Pandemic

Joanna Dugroo ‘22, Staff Writer

During this time of uncertainty in the world, coming together as a community and family to help those in need is an excellent way to express gratitude for what we have. Many families have been left unemployed due to the global pandemic. Many have lost money in investments and other forms of income. 

One opportunity to help those in need is A Wider Circle. This organization provides a chance to help put together Thanksgiving food baskets for those unable to get the food for themselves. You can help them out by hosting a food drive, giving a Safeway or Giant gift card, or creating a basket of your own to give away!

Another opportunity is The People’s Community Baptist Church’s monthly food drive. Similar to A Wider Circle, it is also putting together Thanksgiving food baskets for those in need. Volunteers can donate food or put together the baskets. They can also assist customers in finding what they need. 

In addition to people needing food, as the weather becomes colder outside, many people need coats. The Changing Lives Initiative is hosting a coat drive in Baltimore, Maryland. Their goal is to have 100 winter coats provided for those in need. They are accepting new or slightly used coats, scarves, and gloves, as well as new hats, thermal underwear, and socks. In addition to these clothing items, they are also collecting hand sanitizer, masks, food, blankets, clothing racks, and tables. 

As well as making food baskets and donating coats, Something’s Blooming Annapolis is hosting a charity event that will teach people how to create a Thanksgiving centerpiece. If you cannot make it in person to the workshop, they are offering a Zoom session as well! A percentage of the proceeds goes to Herald Harbor Citizens Association to help those who need it. 

During this season of gratitude, we must consider how fortunate we are compared to those who do not have as much. Simply having a roof over our heads is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Being appreciative of what we have will lead us to appreciate the holidays more and live a better life