Ten Great Movies to Stream During Quarantine


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Lauren Walston, Staff Writer

With all of the time that we have now, you probably find yourself watching a lot of boring re-runs on TV.  Here are 10 films to watch.  Some are old…some are new…ALL are worthy of your time.  So grab some popcorn or your favorite snack and ENJOY!

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Parasite is the tale of an impoverished family who hustles a rich couple, but ends up in a situation they never would have imagined. It is the first foreign language film to win Best Picture and is definitely worth your time. Streaming on Hulu



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Selah and the Spades

High school senior Selah Summers leads the most powerful faction at Haldwell Boarding School. Her search for someone to replace her once she graduates ends with the arrival of the new girl, Paloma. Streaming on Amazon Prime



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The Farewell

Based on a true story, The Farewell is the story of a family who returns to China, staging a fake wedding in order to say goodbye to their grandmother who is terminally ill and unaware. Streaming on Amazon Prime



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Lady Bird

Seventeen year old Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson comes into her own senior year of high school in Sacramento, California. Streaming on Amazon Prime



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Moonlight is the beautiful tale of a young, quiet black boy struggling with his identity and budding sexuality. Streaming on Netflix



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The Truman Show

A film way ahead of its time,The Truman Show is the story of an insurance salesman who finds out his entire life is a reality TV show. Streaming on Starz 



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The Fits

Toni is an 11 year old struggling to fit in on her dance team. Suddenly, her teammates one by one start to have mysterious seizures and strange fits. Streaming on The Criterion Channel



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Silver Linings Playbook

When Pat returns home from a mental institution he thinks everything will go back to normal, until he meets his mysterious neighbor Tiffany. Streaming on Netflix 



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Sing Street

Set in Dublin during the 1980s, Sing Street is the tale of a boy who starts a band to impress the girl he likes. Streaming on Vudu



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Scott Pilgrim vs the World

In order to date the mysterious Ramona Flowers, Scott Pilgrim must defeat her seven deadly exes. Streaming on Netflix