10 Unique Ways to Pass the Time


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Mary Ellen McDermott '23, Staff Writer

Over the past few weeks, we, as Marylanders and Good Counsel students, have been asked to stay home in quarantine. But, when we are not doing our schoolwork, we sometimes can get a little bored. Here are some  activities that will challenge you to get creative during these uncertain times. 

1. Virtual Visits 

Although zoos are closed, they still have webcams so you can keep up with the animals! The national zoo has webcams for cheetahs, naked mole rats, pandas, and more. They also have an animal news page so you don’t have to miss any important happenings. 

Zoo webcams

Animal news

2. Explore the Arts

Despite closed theatres across our country, you can still watch a variety of performances through the Kennedy Center’s digital stage! 

3. Listen to the GC Choir

The Good Counsel Choir has put together a Quarantine playlist available on twitter! You can listen to the voices of our talented Falcons. 

MaryEllen McDermott

4. Go on a walk

Take a hike around your neighborhood or on a park trail. When you go, bring gloves and two trash bags with you, one for recyclables and one for non-recyclables, so you can clean up the earth. Add them to your trash and recycling bins when you get home.

5. Get moving

Good Counsel PE is also offering daily workouts. You can follow @GCHealthPE1 on twitter and instagram for workouts, meditation, and motivation! 

6. Family Time 

Collect recipes from relatives and create a family recipe book. Ask relatives to prepare their recipes and send you pictures for illustrations in the recipe book.


MaryEllen McDermott

7. Test your family’s knowledge

Create a family trivia quiz using Kahoot! You can send out a challenge or play the game on your next family zoom! 

8. Find a new hobby

Build a jigsaw puzzle! If a physical puzzle is not available to you, explore free apps and websites on your phone. 

MaryEllen McDermott

9. Get crafting!

Make some crafts at home with your family! Share a picture of your craft on the GC Talon website! Joann Fabrics has a lot of great crafts for you and your family to make. 

10. Get Cooking!!

Sage Dining has a Facebook page with recipes, including some of your favorite lunch items! It also has how-to videos and tips for cooking at home. 


If you have any thoughts, send your Quarantime ideas to [email protected].