We Are GC…A GC Photo Challenge!

We Will Get Through This Together! #YILOVEGC


As we begin to adjust to this new “normal” of learning and working from home, we at The Talon want you to remember that we are all still a vital part of a very strong GC community.  In the words of our Principal, Mr. Campbell, “This situation is typical of GC, when times are at their worst, our community is at its best.”

It is important that we stay connected.  Several Talon editors and staff have submitted pictures of themselves and how they are passing the time, outside of distance learning, at home.  We invite you to also submit your pictures of how you are keeping yourselves entertained and making the most of your days.  The pictures can be serious or funny and should include your name and a caption.  Use your imagination!  We will add your picture to this ongoing piece.

Students, teachers, staff, parents and alumni are all invited to participate.  Let’s see how much participation we can get.  Pictures can be sent to [email protected]

Check back every so often to see what everyone is doing and while you’re at it, check out the new articles, contests, and activities that will be coming soon.  Just maybe, The Talon will become your favorite way to pass the time.