The People of GC

Be Dramatic with Pozderac and Company

Josephine Wu, Co-Executive Editor

Based on an interview with the new drama teacher, Camille Pozderac.

Getting Involved

“Theater makes you a better person, and greatly increases and exercises your empathy, deep thinking, and willingness to work with others,” says Mrs. Pozderac, the new drama teacher and director of the GC Theater Company (GCTC)  performances. While she is not an alumni, Mrs. Pozderac already feels at home here.

The GCTC is always in need of more actors, and it isn’t difficult to get involved with the play. The only caveat is that it’s a big time commitment.

“In a way, you spend so much time with the people you’re in a show with, as well as, you depend on them to support you and vice versa, so you really develop sort of a family bond. There is a level of vulnerability that you have to have in theater because you’re putting yourself out there so much, which allows people to become closer faster,” says Pozderac.

On the other hand, if acting isn’t your strong suit the GCTC is always looking for new crew members. Students can have multiple jobs that range from being a designer, to sound and light tech, or even as set builders.

Unlike the 2018 Fall performance about student stress and anxiety at GC, the 2019 production is already written, meaning there will be no student writers. However, the program itself is very student driven, with only a few mentors, as well as, the producer and director

“Theater doesn’t exist if there isn’t an audience. Even if students think that ‘theater isn’t for me,’ coming to see the shows is a great way to engage with the subject matter and actors, says Pozderac.

Pozderac’s Background

Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Pozderac looks forward to furthering the acting and production aspects of the GC Theater Company. She comes from Emory University in Atlanta, where she studied journalism and theater. Pozderac also has her Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) in acting, from Ohio State. She says, “It’s really nice to come into a school that already has a really well established theater program,” and hopes to get to know the students and the culture of the school better.

The Fall 2019 Play

This year, the play is called 12 Angry Jurors, and it’s based on the previous plays 12 Angry Men and 12 Angry Women.

The premise of the play is that there are 12 jurors in charge of deciding whether to condemn a nineteen year old boy accused of murder. It explores the dynamics of various people who hail from different social, political, and racial backgrounds and how they manage to work past their differences.

If you are interested in joining the play, auditions are being held for the mid-winter and spring musicals in mid-November.

“All you have to do is prepare and come to the audition. If you get cast, that’s awesome. If you don’t get cast, you can always join the crew, which is just as vital to the performance. There are many opportunities for new people looking to help out.” Be sure to go on November 15th and 16th!