Fantasy Football Picks: Week 7

Fantasy Football Picks: Week 7


Connor Amato, Managing Editor, Sports

Welcome back to the Talon’s weekly fantasy football picks. In week 6 we saw a lot of new stars emerge and a lot of new teams take hold of their divisions. These developments mean a change in a lot of players’ fantasy outputs. Read on to learn who to trust in week 7.

Waiver Wire QuarterBack: Kyle Allen (8.7% Rostered)
With Cam Newton suffering injuries, Kyle Allen took the helm of the Panthers’ offense. He has proven to be a viable starter in the NFL. In fact, he has never lost a game he has started in. He will become the Panthers’ franchise quarterback in years to come and could have a lot of fantasy output this year.
Waiver Wire Running Back: Chase Edmonds (28.3% Rostered)
With the running back situation in most leagues looking bleak, most teams will have to rely on backup running backs. Chase Edmonds is on backup who has been getting more and more touches as David Johnson struggles with injuries. He is a good investment if you need a running back.
Waiver Wire Receiver: Ted Ginn Jr.(10% Rostered)
Ted Ginn was a great deep threat in recent years. This year, he has not made much of an impact for the Saints. But, he has had a couple good games, and he always has a chance to boom as the Saints’ #2 receiver. I suggest picking up Ginn if you need an extra receiver.
Waiver Wire defense: Seahawks’ Defense (41.2% Rostered)
The Seahawks’ defense is playing extremely well, and with the team as a whole being red hot and going into a home game, the Seahawks are a very good play for your fantasy team. While they are rostered in 41.2 percent of leagues, the Seahawks’ defense is such a good fantasy play that they had to go in.

Must Starts
Josh Allen: Allen is going to throw AND run all over the Dolphins. He is a must start in week 7.
Matt Brieda: Brieda is a big threat in both the run game and pass game. Against the Redskins, he will be able to rack up fantasy points.
Calvin Ridley: Despite the Falcons’ disappointing season thus far, the pass game, mostly because of the fact that they are always down, has been decent. Against the Rams, whose secondary has been very poor recently, the Falcons’ receivers, especially Calvin Ridley, who can catch passes with the defense focused on Julio Jones, can thrive.
Bills Defense: The Bills’ Defense is one of the best in the NFL. Imagine if they were to play the worst offense in the league. Oh wait…

Sit these players
Lamar Jackson: Jackson has not been playing well lately. Do not start him against the red hot Seahawks.
David Montgomery: Despite being an up and coming fantasy star, leading the Bears in rushing, Montgomery will face a huge brick wall against the Saints, who are #1 in run defense.
Ezekiel Elliot: Elliot is usually an automatic start, but the Eagles have a stellar run defense and will be on the hunt for blood after being embarrassed last Sunday.
Rams’ Defense: The Rams’ Defense has failed again and again this season. Yes, the roster is full of stars, but they aren’t playing at the level they should be. It may be time to drop this defense.

Matchup of the Week: Colts Versus Texans
Two red hot teams going at it in a rivalry game. Start every offensive threat you have on these teams.

Sleeper Pick: Joe Flacco
Everyone is sleeping on Joe Flacco. Actually, he has had a decent season for the Broncos so far, never losing big, but also not winning big. In week 7 against the struggling Chiefs’ Defense, he has an opportunity to show that he can still start in the NFL.