Fashion at the Oscars!

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Fashion at the Oscars!

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair

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Ryan Roach, Fashion & Style Editor

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While the Academy Awards is best known for its appreciation for outstanding artists and extraordinary work in the film industry, the red carpet is where the real magic happens. Designers and creative directors get to show their expertise off the runway and on the carpet with custom made gowns and suits. The red carpet is also a place where celebrities get to make an impression, showing their willingness to push boundaries and wear the unimaginable. Award shows provide the perfect opportunity for this, and the Oscars red carpet certainly did not disappoint this year.

Mark Ralston/AFP
Allison Janney

On the red carpet, there was definitely a divide. For a majority of those who were featured, they either wore dark shades or bright, vibrant, in your face tints. Neither one side was better than the other. Each half had its moments with ingenious designs, eye-catching fabrics, and impeccable tailoring. For example, Allison Janney turned multiple heads in an all-black Pamella Roland gown. This dress fit her perfectly with Pamela playing on the form of a classic male tuxedo. The dress is sleek and classy. The “belt” is also very interesting because it subsides the effects of the velvet. Everything must work perfectly to create such a unique, and dare I say, timeless look.

On the other hand, stars such as Gemma Chan chose to show some color on the carpet. In a Valentino haute couture gown, Gemma looked stunning! She let the dress speak for itself with minimal use of accessories. The hot pink color coupled with the over the top ruching makes the gown memorable. Pier Paolo Piccioli, the current creative director of Valentino, has a way of making garments that are both interesting and distinctive. The clothing he creates stands apart from its contemporaries. It is very easy to tell when a garment is from Valentino due to its unique style and look.

Gemma Chan

A trend that was prevalent on the carpet this year was the idea of breaking boundaries and pushing borders. Both Elsie Fisher and Billy Porter wore traditional garments. Untraditional in the sense that each broke the gender roles, and what men and women “should wear.” Billy owned the red carpet in a custom Christian Siriano tuxedo gown. It was indeed a moment worth experiencing. The material of the dress paired with the top of a traditional tuxedo suit made the garment all the more spectacular. The fit of the garment was perfect with it being the correct length and the correct size.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Billy Porter

Along with Billy, Elsie also broke the gender boundary in a classic Thom Browne pantsuit. It is a regular suit, but with a Thom Browne flair. Both the boots and the too short sleeves of the jacket make this look iconic. A growing trend in the fashion industry is blurring the lines between male and female, distorting the differences of what society considers masculine and feminine, bringing the two together to make something quite special.

Marta de la Calzada
Elsie Fisher

The 2019 Academy Awards was a success in my opinion. Risks were taken on the red carpet and most paid off. However, that is what fashion is all about, taking risks and trying new, unheard of things with clothing.