Hey, Class of 2022…Listen Up!: Sophomore’s Advice to Freshmen

Josephine Wu, Co-EiCEiT

There are a number of adjectives that can be used to describe Freshman year: challenging, exciting, humbling, confusing, just to name a few.  As the second semester begins, these sophomores have some sage advice for the Class of 2022 to help them successfully get through the rest of their freshman year.

A group of freshman enjoying a Spanish 1 class.

Elizabeth Morris– “Do your homework the day it’s due and ask questions if you don’t understand anything.”

Jourdan Garnier– “Go to homecoming with friends.”

Ahadu Betselot– “Find the right friends and be good in school.”

Kaitlyn Matsko– “Study more, stop wasting time on things, and join more clubs.”

Nicholas Kiwanuka– “My freshman year was some trash, so don’t do whatever I did.”

Kayla Streeter– “Do not procrastinate at all, stay on top of your work, but not to the point where you’ll be killing yourself.”

Lauren Pountnay– “Stay in your uniform.”

Bryson Carter– “Do your homework.”

Grace Grbach– “Go back for seconds at lunch, but do it at a good time, because you can’t just go back right away.”

Megan Flannery– “Don’t let Mr. Arnold see you drinking coffee in the mornings.”

Liberty Guillette– “Take classes that you actually think will benefit you after you take your necessary classes, don’t waste your time.”

Arlene Ayuk– “Don’t take stuff too seriously and become friends with teachers.”

Lauren Smith– “Have good time management, it will save you in the long run.”

Nicole Fernandez– “Don’t procrastinate.”

Kyle Davis– “Don’t mess around and just do your homework.”

Madison Mills-Snyder– “Do your homework and follow the rules.”

Patrice Nagbe– “Get on the good side of Mr. Arnold and Ms. Lopez.”

Good Luck Freshman..we’ve got your back!