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The Student News Site of Our Lady of Good Counsel High School

The Talon

The Student News Site of Our Lady of Good Counsel High School

The Talon

3962: Learning How to Live


The clock is ticking.


Whether we like it or not.


The average human lives approximately 3962 weeks


3962 Wednesdays…..


It’s a startling realization, isn’t it? This finite number. Every Wednesday a fraction of our lives. 

Each Wednesday a chance to make our lives count.

I recently turned 16 years old, and I have already spent 833 of those Wednesdays, (a fact that wasn’t really “sweet sixteen fun”). But let’s not focus on the time that we cannot get back; let’s focus on the time that we have left. 

In a world where distractions are all around and screens consume our attention spans, it’s easy to lose sight of the life around us. We have to recognize the value of time and to seize every opportunity.

We should try to wake up and start the day with a sense of purpose, with a determination to make the most of that one day and every day after.

It’s as simple as taking a walk in nature, experiencing the beauty of nature 

It’s starting a hobby or joining a club that makes you happy.

It’s spending time with loved ones, making memories that will last way longer than your phone’s battery life. 

But it’s also about embracing the simple things in life. We can find meaning in everyday things. Like cooking, reading a book, or watching the sun set. Life is not just the big moments, but the very teeny tiny moments that make it worth living.

Of course, life is not without its challenges. There will be obstacles along the way.

So start simple.

One Wednesday at a time.

Here’s some ideas:

  • Watch shooting stars
  • Roll down a hill
  • Blow dandelions
  • Run through a sprinkler
  • Throw pennies in a fountain
  • Call your grandparents 
  • Run a mile
  • Pitch a tent and go camping 
  • Hug your mom
  • Wake up early enough to see the sunrise
  • Look in the mirror, and really look, at the person you’ve been, the person you are, and the person you want to be