Good Counsel’s “Evening of the Arts”: A Review


P. Kennedy

An Evening of the Arts

The Arts program might be one of the most important programs here at Good Counsel. The amount of talent in our student body is mind-blowing, whether it be visual arts, dance, choral, or music. Much of this talent was on display at Good Counsel’s “Evening of the Arts,” which was amazing. 





The evening started with selected artwork displayed in the gallery, along with musical selections performed by Good Counsel’s very own Jazz Band. On the dining hall side of the gallery, the artwork created by students in standard curriculum art classes was displayed (and in the least braggadocious possible way, two of my pieces were put on view). On the opposite side of the gallery near the Kane Center, the IB Art students’ works were displayed. Both sides displayed incredible creations that astonish me even now as I look back on the event. My only criticism of the art gallery was that many of the IB Art students’ works were not labeled with the names of the artists. Other than that, the overwhelming amount of skill displayed in the gallery was staggering. 

Aside from the art, the musical performances were equally impressive. The GC Jazz Band, who, by the way, was incredible, took a break to make room for the GC Dance Ensemble’s performances. These acts were stunning, meaningful, and emotional. It’s surprising what skill and technique is displayed by students who quietly pass us every day in the halls. As the evening progressed, it came time for the band performances. It takes great dedication and effort to master an instrument. The precision and technique required to play symphonic/orchestral instruments is mind-blowing. These students are incredible at what they do, and it was like sitting in on a professional symphonic performance. Mr. Kramer’s conducting, paired with the student’s talent, created an extraordinary show, and distinctively captured the talent of Good Counsel. This event was an exceptional experience that fully encapsulated the seemingly bottomless pit of talent here at GC.